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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a customer?

A customer is an individual who is in need of groceries and fruits and vegetables. A customer should have an individual residential address or a billing address which could be used for registration/ order delivery.

How is the experience different from visiting a physical store?

In this Internet savvy world, Grocex brings a state of art delivery experience to the customer’s door step with a combination of technology and logistic initiatives. No need to travel to physical stores, search for products, stand in queue for billing. Configuring an order is just a click away and that too on a world class e-com platform.

It makes a difference when store comes to your home.

Are the prices on online store differ from physical store?

All products are sold at MRP. More so, products are available from the same big vendors who supply to all retail stores.

Is customer not registered if Pincode is not mapped?

Customer registration process is independent of delivery of goods process. A customer from any Pincode area could be registered; however the delivery of goods is subject to the availability of services to the specified pin codes.

Grocex will also notify the customers if the customer has a Pincode for which services were not enabled at the time of registration, but services to the specific Pincode area is enabled at a later date.

How a customer does know that Grocex delivers at their residential address?

During the order processing, the customer will have option for delivery of goods either at the registered address or a new billing address. Grocex accepts delivery based on the availability of services at the specified pin codes whether it is a registered address or a new shipping address.

Grocex also allows customers to check the status of services to their Pincode areas at the time of home page navigation.

Will customer have a choice to select the delivery schedule?

Grocex provides delivery of goods at the doorsteps of customers in two modes:

1. Normal delivery service - Three slots per day available, customer is free to select the slots available on website, order delivery process commences six hours after the launch of order and based on the next available slot. Customer will get a choice up to six slots and he can opt for the delivery accordingly.

This service comes as a value added service to the customer who buys on portal and is free of cost. However availability of slots is subject to the demand constraints.

2. Last-mile Premium Delivery - This special service is available for customer at Rs. 100 + taxes. Order delivery process commences after three hours after the launch of the order and based on the next immediate slot availability. A total of six slots with more closer intervals are available to customer to choose from.

However please note that the management has right to adjust the deliveries according to the supply chain constraints and informs to the customer about the changes (if any). The company should make all efforts to keep up the delivery parameters as defined in both the services.

Is delivery free of charge?

If a customer opts for a normal delivery schedule, there are no charges. However if a customer wants delivery to be done at the time of his/ her choice(last-mile premium delivery), a service charge as listed on website will be charged.

The last-mile premium delivery with a minimum processing order time of three hours is not yet enabled on site. It will be notified to customers as soon as the service is enabled.

Is there an option to save orders/re-use orders?

The goods added to the cart, but not yet processed and also the orders that are processed and successful are all saved in My Accounts> My Orders. Customers could re-use the orders at any point of time.

How my data is protected and privacy is maintained?

Grocex believes in privacy of data. No customer sensitive information such as address, mobile number and email id is shared to any third party members. However Grocex may use the email id and mobile number to inform about new initiatives, discounts and any other such information as deemed fit for customer to know. Grocex may also use the demographic profile (sans personal details) for marketing research purposes of its own and preferred vendor network. Please refer to our Privacy Policy published on website and updated from time to time based on the business dynamics. If you have any concerns on data privacy, please share them with us at [email protected]

Are transactions safe on Grocex?

The login transactions are secured by SSL. The payment gateway is secured with prevailing latest technology by the bank. Hence all the customer transactions are safe.

What are the modes of payment available to customer?

A customer can pay using any of the following modes:

  1. Payment gateway – pay for invoice amount online, all credit, and debit cards (except American Express) processed (visa, master, and maestro).
  2. Cash on Delivery - payment could be made as soon as the goods are delivered at your registered address.
  3. Card Payment on Delivery – Payment could be made using your credit or debit cards as soon as the goods are delivered at your registered address. (visa, master, maestro, American express)

How does Grocex provide refunds and exchanges?

Please visit the returns and refund policies published on site from time to time. We have customer centric policies and make the life easy for customer for refunds and exchanges.

Are there any hidden costs or taxes?

Grocex assures the customers that all products are priced only at MRP and there are no hidden costs and taxes. The prices include all taxes.

The delivery costs per order are also free subject to the selection of ‘normal delivery’ slot. If a customer requests for a ‘last-mile premium delivery’, the customer will be billed at Rs. 100+taxes.